How to flourish in a Stepfamily

The Brady Bunch has a lot to answer for! A common misconception among couples starting out in a stepfamily is the expectation that it will be warm and loving with the occasional drama or squabble, just like Mike and Carol Brady’s extended household. But a stepfamily is not just a larger version of a first-time or nuclear family; the relationships are often a little more complex.   Being part of a stepfamily means there is emotional baggage...

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The 7 keys to parenting teens

Teens have so much to deal with in today’s society – pressures from school, family and peers, wanting to be popular, having to make major life choices at a young age that can result in significant stress. If stressful events accumulate it may bring on depression. A sense of failure e.g. not getting A’s on exams can sometimes bring on depression, as can experiences of loss (loss of friendship, family)....

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Dealing with childhood anxieties and fears

Kids today experience more change, more rapidly than previous generations. They are exposed to world events through the internet and media. Most kids, like adults, experience some anxious moments or have fearful thoughts and feelings from time to time about certain events. Anxiety is a common and normal reaction and everyone experiences feelings of anxiety from time to time. Anxiety is more pervasive than worry. It builds and carries on. Kids worry about big and little...

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