Confident Kids + Teens Program

Confident Kids Program

Does your child worry too much or feel anxious? Struggle with strong emotions? Have friendship struggles? Give up easily? Talk negatively about themselves? We can help by teaching your child practical strategies to help build resilience, boost confidence and emotional strengths

About the Program

Confident Kids ® + Teens is an innovative small group program for kids 5-14yrs that aims to boost confidence, emotional resilience, social skills and brainpower. Children discover their strengths and build resilient thinking skills to reduce stress, anxiety, worry, or negative thinking.


Confident Kids is suitable for children experiencing difficulties with worry, anxiety, depression, low mood, short emotional fuse, stress, low self- esteem, friendships or acting impulsively. A number of children attend the program as a preventative measure to increase positive coping skills and to boost confidence.


As Confident Kids is a general resiliency program it is not suitable for children with specific needs or behavioural difficulties.

What your child will learn.

How thoughts affect feelings and behaviour

Optimist thinking skills

How to set goals and achieve them

Mindful Breathing and Relaxation skills

How to overcome worries, fears or anxiety

Skills to develop positive friendships

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